Quick Start Guide - standalone

standalone only works with Bluetooth-enabled lights (luminaires and lamps).

Using Bluetooth-enabled lights without a gateway only allows for local configuration and control via Bluetooth.
To remotely modify and control the lights, see connected .


The following prerequisites are expected before starting:

  • The lights are physically installed and powered

Get started with the app

The Interact Pro app is the tool to configure a lighting system after installation.

Download the Interact Pro app from either Apple’s App Store (for iOS) or Google’s Play Store.


After downloading, as an installer you have to register yourself by tapping Request access on the login screen of the app.

Create a new project

  1. Log in to the Interact Pro app. Use the credentials you have requested access for.

  2. Tap the + button to add a new project.

  3. Fill in the details of the project. Tap Next to continue. The project is now listed.

  4. Select the project by tapping its name. Now the project can be commissioned.

To commission a system, the installer role is required.
When creating a new project, the installer role is automatically added for that project.
Self-registration with the app doesn’t automatically assign this role.

Configure the project

  1. Create a light network
    Select the No, start without gateway(s) option

  2. Create a group for the lights in the room/space

    1. Create zones as required

    2. Scan the lights and assign to the group or a zone in the group

  3. Select appropriate Switch on/off behavior to set up automated control behavior

  4. (Optional) Add switches to the group

  5. (Optional) Add external sensors to the group

  6. Deploy all settings to the lights

  7. (Optional) For Switch on/off behavior with DDR (daylight regulation), perform light calibration

  8. Go to next room/space and perform the steps from 'Create a group'

See the Interact Pro install section for more information.

Manage the system

After configuring the system, ensure that the project can be accessed by the end user by creating an owner account.

  1. Tap the User icon tab.

  2. Tap Invite owner and enter the owner’s email address.
    Tap Next.

  3. Fill in the necessary information and tap Request.

  4. The customer receives an email with an activation link.

Sign off as installer

The last step is to unlock the project as an installer. Unlocking allows another phone to access the project.

To unlock a project, tap to the right of the project and select Unlock.

After unlocking, you can sign out of the app as an installer.