Design floorplans for small industry and storage

Lighting design insights for small industry areas

  • Use wide light beams to increase uniformity, which contributes to a comfortable workspace without disturbing shadows

  • Shelves and drawers affect the distribution of the light. Position the luminaires between these elements to create a good vertical illuminance

  • Locate controls (sensors) at entrances and exits to prevent going into a dark area, consider furniture to maintain detection coverage

  • Take high furniture or machinery into account, as these can block the detection zone of the sensors

  • Industrial areas require an illuminance of ≥ 300 lux at task level; storage rooms 100 lux at the floor and archives 200 lux at the floor; higher levels increase visibility

Application needs

  • Grouping of the light points [.underline]# # [.underline]# #

  • Task tuning of the light points

  • Add a switch to the area

small industry


  • Add sensor, preferably a high- bay sensor with a large detection area Hall height 4.0 m

Typical luminaires used

Waterproof, batten, high-bay

Lighting design insights for storage areas

storage area

Typical luminaires used