Data collection

A connected lighting system collects various types of data. The gateway collects all the data from the devices that correspond with it. This data is stored internally and forwarded to the cloud, to be used to create graphical representations in the Installer and Customer dashboard.

The gateway collects data measured in some way in the end devices. There are two types of data communication:

  • Data that is polled by the gateway. Actively retrieve relevant data from the associated lights, including the polling frequency.

  • Data that is evented from the lights to the gateway.

Devices send relevant data as an event to the gateway. Data collected this way is for example the energy consumption and status information.

it architecture

Both polling and event data are communication setup between the gateway and field devices.

The gateway also checks regularly if its associated devices are still present. If not, it tries to reconnect several times and if these all fail, it will send an alarm, which will be shown on the dashboard. The gateway keeps track of the connection status of the lights and reports it to the Portal.

The sensing capabilities supported by the system are:

  • Light level (for daylight regulation), motion and infrared for light control

  • Power and energy measurement in the light

  • Operating hours of the light

  • Device on-line/off-line for all field devices (lights)

  • Device alarms