IT network requirements

In a wireless connected lighting system, much of the lighting control behavior is distributed over the devices (luminaire controller, Wireless Gateway) that compose the system.

The communication between the Wireless Gateway, that is connected to the IT network of the customer using an Ethernet connection, is done via secure protocols, where Zigbee is a wireless protocol enabling communication between the gateway and Zigbee devices (lights, ZGP sensors and switches).

IT integration

The currently tested deployment of the lighting network with the IT infrastructure of the customer and the Interact cloud is depicted in the following diagram:

it integration diagram

The diagram details an IT integration connecting the lighting system with the gateway connected via the IT network of the customer to the cloud

Network connections

The Wireless Gateway must be connected to the IT infrastructure of the customer.

For this purpose, an ethernet port with live LAN, that ultimately enables a route via the network of the customer to the cloud, is required.