Prepare, install and commission

The install and commission phases divide the project execution in the building of the customer into logical parts and includes system installation at the customer site and the complete commissioning until handover. Most of the activities can be identified in lighting network installation, but limited IT network installation is required also.

These activities divide up into the following phases:

  • Offsite preparation
    The service provider prepares the physical install and the commissioning; refer to chapter Prepare the project

  • Onsite installation
    The installer on the job executes the installation of the WG, light points, sensors and, if applicable, switches; refer to chapter Install the project

  • Onsite commissioning
    The installer on the job commissions the system using the app, refer to chapter Commission the project

Due to the nature of the installer business, both the service provider and the installer on the job can be the same person.
The system can generate a report in both the portal and the app. This report is a useful document at handover of the system to the customer, as it captures all details of the installed system.