Purpose and intended audience

This document describes the installation and deployment of the lighting system.

Following all instructions closely, from installation of components and software to commissioning with the dedicated Interact Pro app, results in a functioning system.

Refer to other documents for more information:

  • System Guide
    describes the system design and how this design can support the requirements of a customer.

  • Networking Guide
    describes the IT design of the system and the prerequisites for the IT network of the customer.

  • Maintentance Guide
    describes elemental fault finding and simple procedures how to solve.

Two distinct technical roles can be observed:

  • Wholesale/distributor
    Supports the Service provider/Installer in technical matters during the consultation, bidding and system definition processes.

  • Service provider/installer
    Creates the statement of work for the customer, installs the lighting system with the required components and commissions the system. As service provider, also the service of the system can be part of the agreement with the customer.

This document does not explicitly distinguish between the knowledge required for these roles. Rather, each section in this document focuses on a specific aspect of the process.

This approach was chosen as that there is no strict separation between the knowledge needed for both roles. It is thus recommended to read all sections in order (as sections are built upon previous ones) but skip paragraphs that are not relevant for the specific role of the reader.

The aim of this document is to provide sufficient knowledge to interact with the customer or third-party experts during all stages of the system lifecycle.