Service and maintenance

In case a customer experiences malfunction of the system, or a component that fails operation, the first point of contact is the Service provider, who is able to solve 90% of the problems.

If the service provider cannot solve the problem, first line support is found at the wholesaler or the Customer Care Center. Hardware related problems are most likely to be solved by spare parts delivered by the wholesaler, other issues are directed to the Customer Care Center in the region.

When the problem persists, the Customer Care Center contact second line support, who investigate the problem and provide possible solutions to the Customer Care Center, who revert this information to the Service provider.

In the rare case the problem is not solved, there is specialized third line support available.

The main tasks for the service provider are:

  • System health checks

  • Remote support

  • Remote monitoring

  • On-site service activities

  • Spare parts services

  • Energy monitoring

  • Light level monitoring