Buildings and areas

The Interact Pro system is designed for use in the following building types:

Building types

  • Office buildings Building mainly used for office-oriented activities, including small industrial operations that require a desk.

  • Industry and warehouse buildings Workshops for industrial activities, warehouses with racks containing stock, requiring special attention to the lighting

  • Retail buildings Building of which most of the floor space is occupied for commercial activities, but can consists a small office and a stockroom or warehouse

  • Combinations, for example an office with a small workshop for industrial activities and a warehouse


Open plan and cell office


In an office workspace, lighting helps people to concentrate, communicate and cooperate. The correct light creates a healthy, comfortable and inspiring environment.

Meeting room

meeting room

In a meeting room, the lighting should be changeable for the different situations the room can be used for. Either for meetings, trainings or conference calls, the correct light creates a comfortable and inspiring environment.



Corridor lighting needs to facilitate the movement of people and must provide a clear view without consuming more energy than needed.

Small industry and storage


Industrial applications require effective lighting on a large scale, which means that low energy consumption and low maintenance are a must. But the lighting also needs to create a clear, safe and pleasant environment.

Small storage spaces can be found in every type of building, but especially also in buildings with industrial spaces. These spaces can be cramped and busy. With the correct lighting, the accessibility and navigation improve significantly.

Small retail

small retail

Small-scale stores offer an intimate shopping experience. Effective lighting brings out the best features of the shop: overall illumination that enhances a welcoming environment, plus attractively lit windows and displays.