Roles and responsibilities

For a better understanding of the stakeholders that are being discussed in this document, below an overview of the different roles and their responsibilities.

Persona Description of role

role distributor


  • Provides the goods at the site at a certain price

  • Can process service requests from the Service Provider

role installer

Service provider/installer

  • Main point of contact for the customer

  • Designs the installation and prepares it in the installer portal

  • Administrates his projects

  • Invites personas to the project, allocates installers to a project

  • Provides first line of support to his customers

role tech installer

Technical installer on the job

  • Installs the lighting system

  • Commissions the system by means of the app

  • Provides technical assistance at the site of the customer on behalf of the service provider

role sme

SME business owner/savvy entrepreneur (the purchaser of the system)

  • Manages the lighting system by means of the customer portal

  • Controls the lighting system in building

  • Invites new users

role employee

Employee (user)

  • Controls the lighting system

  • Possibility of restricted access to specific groups