The creation phase includes the following sections.


The preparation consists of several steps, to be completed in cooperation with the customer:

  • Capture the project details

  • Name and address of the customer

  • Contact details of the contact person

  • Usage of the building, area types etcetera

  • Discuss the details of the Interact Pro system

  • Type of luminaires, sensors, switches

  • Number of groups and zones

  • Scenes and lighting behavior

For this step, it can be useful to have the floorplans of the building available.
  • Create, invite and appoint the users necessary for this phase of the project

  • Installer on the job

  • Business owner (contact person)

Install and commission

The service provider prepares the physical install and the commissioning in the installer portal. The installer on the job installs the components and commissions the system with the Interact Pro app.