Quick Start Guide - Advanced

connected is aimed at projects where devices are connected to one or more gateways. It functions with both first-generation Interact-ready lights, as well as with Bluetooth-enabled lights (luminaires and lamps).

By using a gateway, the lights are connected to the Interact Pro cloud and can be remotely modified and controlled.


The following prerequisites are expected before starting:

  • The lights are physically installed and powered

Get started with the app

The Interact Pro app is the tool to configure a lighting system after installation.

Download the Interact Pro app from either Apple’s App Store (for iOS) or Google’s Play Store.


After downloading, as an installer you have to register yourself by tapping Request access on the login screen of the app.

Create a new project

  1. Log in to the Interact Pro app. Use the credentials you have requested access for.

  2. Tap the + button to add a new project.

  3. Fill in the details of the project. Tap Next to continue. The project is now listed.

  4. Select the project by tapping its name. Now the project can be commissioned.

To commission a system, the installer role is required.
When creating a new project, the installer role is automatically added for that project.
Self-registration with the app doesn’t automatically assign this role.

The portal, https://sme.interact-lighting.com, is an alternative to set up accounts.

However, it is highly recommended to download and validate access to the app prior to visiting the project location for commissioning.

Next to self-registration, installers and other roles can be invited using the portal.

Connect the gateway

The gateway needs an internet connection.

Connect the gateway using an ethernet cable.

LCN1840 connect
The maximum length of the ethernet cable(s) to a switch port is 100m.

The gateway requires an IP address from a DHCP-server on the network.

Only dynamic IP addresses are supported.
Check that the network allows HTTPS traffic.
In corporate environments, IT support might be required.

In case there is a firewall in place, ensure that the following hosts and ports are whitelisted:

  • sme.interact-lighting.com for port 80 and 443

  • mq.sme.interact-lighting.com for port 443

  • (Optional) Open UDP port 123 for time synchronizing using Network Time Protocol (NTP)

To make sure that this connection can be estabished, execute the following validation steps:

  1. Connect a PC via an Ethernet cable.

  2. Launch a web browser

  3. Visit a secure web page (for example https://signify.com)

When powered and connected, the gateway’s three LED indicators turn on solidly.

Configure the project

  1. Create a light network

  2. Choose option with or without gateway

    1. Select the option Yes, add gateway(s)

    2. Select the option No, start without gateway(s) and add the gateway(s) after configuring all groups.

The option to start without gateways is only possible with Bluetooth-enabled lights and has the benefit that a number of commissioning steps are executed more efficiently.

For each light network and for all spaces/rooms to be configured:

  1. (Optional) Discover the lights for Zigbee-only luminaires

  2. Create a group for the lights in the room/space

    1. Create zones as required

    2. (Optional) Scan lights for Bluetooth-enabled luminaires

    3. Assign to the group or a zone in the group

  3. Select the appropriate Switch on/off behavior to set up automated control behavior

  4. (Optional) Add switches to the group

  5. (Optional) Add external sensors to the group

  6. Deploy all settings to the lights

  7. (Optional) For Switch on/off behavior with DDR (daylight regulation), perform light calibration

If the project was configured without a gateway, add a gateway to each light network to connect the project to the Interact Pro cloud.

See the Interact Pro Install Guide for more information.

Manage the system

After configuring the system, ensure that the project can be accessed by the end user by creating an owner account.

  1. Tap the User icon tab.

  2. Tap Invite owner and enter the owner’s email address.
    Tap Next.

  3. Fill in the necessary information and tap Request.

  4. The customer receives an email with an activation link.

Sign off as installer

You can sign out of the app as an installer.