Terms and definitions

Term Definition

Access port

A switch or router port which is used to connect to an “end device”. An end device in this context is for example the Wireless Gateway.


Internet Protocol version 4; IPv4 consists of a set of protocols that together enable communication of packets between network interfaces that are identified by 32 bit IPv4 addresses.

Light point

Either a lamp or a luminaire. When using smart lamps in a luminaire, the luminaire can consist of multiple light points. When using luminaires, each single luminaire counts as a light point.

Task level

Configurable light level on the task plane used when there is occupancy detected.

Background level

Configurable light level, used to save energy when there is no occupancy detected.

Hold time

Configurable delay time from the moment the last movement has been detected until the start of the grace fading time.

Prolong time

Configurable time the light level is maintained at background level after expiration of the hold time.

Vacant level

Configurable light level used when an area is vacated after expiration of both the hold and prolong time. Prevents the light to switch off completely in case of security reasons (for example security cameras), or for comfort reasons. The level can also be set to completely off.