Known issues

List of known issues of this release:

  • When a discovery of lights is executed on a system already commissioned, lights in vacant groups with occupancy control remain on when discovery has ended. Use the app to turn them on or off for those groups: this action triggers the light control to start.

  • For lights with sensors, calibration that is required for each zone with daylight regulation control will calibrate all lights in the group.[1]

    • If you have multiple zones in a group, you only have to calibrate once. All lights will be calibrated with the same set point.

    • If you have lights outside a zone in the group, these lights will also be daylight regulated.

  • Setting high end trim too low (below 67%) does not work for MasterConnect lamps. Note it is recommended to set it between 80% and 100% for all devices.

  • Automated control of a group needs to be started using the app after calibration of the zone(s) has finished.

  • When using the RF Connector DALI in mains-only mode with switchable lights, the portal will erroneously report this as a 'Failed Device' in Health status overview.

  • The ability to create an energy report only works from the date that the feature was released (June 2020)

  • Adding a switch or a sensor to a group with more than 25 lights can result in incorrect reporting of progress in the app. Note it is recommended to have up to a maximum of 40 lights per group.

  • A firmware upgrade will fail if a light is physically deleted (or reset) but still exists in the system (app). Please remove the light from the app and the upgrade will finish.

  • A group without lights assigned will appear as a group for each gateway. When lights are assigned, the group will only show for the gateway that connects to those lights.

  • Users can use the app for long periods of time without the need to login again. After a project merge in the portal, the app will show wrong behavior after 30 min. as the old projects have merged into a new project. Logout and login the app will solve the problem.

  • The app cannot be used for control when an update is in progress. Sensor and panel switch control will remain working as well as control via the web portal (Advanced only)

  • A gateway that gets online may already find a number of lights as it opens the network for a very short time. This only applies when you first add the gateway and then the lights. This may already find a number of lights that are discoverable (PRA only).

  • A new gateway that is online (3 blue lights on) and that can not be assigned with the app can be connected to the wrong cloud. A reset and power cycle will usually resolve this issue (Advanced onluy)

  • Level 6 of Manual demand response (North America only) does not turn off the lights but sets the intensity of the lights to very low.

1. This issue actually improves the speed of the calibration process as you only have to calibrate once per group and you don’t have to wait up until it finishes.