Prepare the project

Before going to a project onsite, it is advised to minimally download the PRF/PRA app and to create an account that can be used to commission onsite with a mobile phone. Ultimately, an installer account is required to access the PRF/PRA with the appropriate credentials to execute all commissioning steps onsite.

Interact Pro PRF also offers user management via the portal. Also some offsite preparation can be done via the portal in the own office prior to going onsite. This will limit some of the work to be done during installation and commissioning.

A typical project preparation consists of:

  • Download (or update) the app or the portal (PRA only)

  • Create project, capturing the project details from the initiate phase

  • Create groups and zones, as defined in initiate phase

  • Invite and/or allocate installer to the project (if not the same as the first account)

It is advised to invite the owner (customer) only after formal hand-over of the commissioned installation.